Rutronik Bluetooth Smart Beacons

Rutronik bluetooth smart beacons are in essence proximity beacons which send a signal using bluetooth technology. When a smartphone or tablet is in the beacon’s range, it triggers a notification on the device.

Depending on the distance of the device, different type of notification can be sent (up to 50 meters!).

Many businesses and developers are realizing the potential of this technology and are already taking advantage of it to deliver relevant and contextual interactions to their customers.  The versatility of the technology makes the uses of the beacons countless and up to the imagination of the business.

Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit

Rutronik offers the nRF51822 Bluetooth Smart Beacon Kit from Nordic Semiconductor. The reference design is based on nRF51822 multi-protocol Bluetooth Smart and proprietary 2.4GHz-SoC. It demonstrates iBeacon and proprietary beacon hardware for iOS and Android smartphones.

Bluetooth Smart beacons are inexpensive, low-power Bluetooth low energy wireless transmitters that can inform nearby Bluetooth Smart Ready smartphones as to their location. The kit features an ultra small, form factor of 20mm diameter and is powered by a CR1632 coin cell battery. Developers and engineers can evolve beacon applications using Apple’s iBeacon standards, or create their own beacons based on their own specifications using Bluetooth Smart.

The kit operates with companion smartphone apps for iOS and Android (4.1/4.3) smartphones. The firmware is available as source code from Nordic.

Used for contextual awareness, the kit can create applications for information, retail, inventory, and public areas such as stock, exhibits in public galleries and museums, train and bus terminals and shopping list reminders.

Further Information

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