SECO and NXP collaborate to bring Clea, a comprehensive end-to-end AI solution, to industrial and IoT applications

SECO is pleased to announce it is working with NXP Semiconductors to bring SECO’s Clea software solution to industrial and IoT applications. Clea is the full-fledged AI as a Service (AIaaS) Platform and optimization’s of Clea on NXP hardware will facilitate the deployment of AI models for device manufacturers across industrial and IoT applications.
This collaboration between SECO and NXP aims to simplify complexity for customers with a ready-made development environment for AI-powered devices across industrial and IoT applications and encompasses multiple technical initiatives. Clea will natively support NXP’s MCX portfolio on Zephyr, an open-source, real-time operating system. to provide NXP’s customers with a ready-to-use stack to implement industrial and IoT applications. Additionally, i.MX portfolio users will have access to a native integration of Clea on NXP’s Yocto/Debian releases. SECO and NXP intend to roll out a series of reference implementations, documentation, and code samples to empower their respective users to get started with Clea on NXP hardware as quickly as possible.

Further, with NXP’s eIQ machine learning software development environment, Clea users will gain access to a variety of pre-built applications over time, which will facilitate rapid access to Clea’s IoT, field data and device management functionalities, as well as the enablement of advanced AI capabilities, and empower NXP users to more effectively manage and deploy their edge machine learning models at scale.

“Making it easier for our customers to bring complex products to market is at the core of what NXP does. Combining SECO’s Clea platform with our eIQ machine learning development environment, as well as delivering seamless support for our broad portfolio of MCX MCUs and i.MX applications processors will make it easier for NXP’s customers to bring products to market faster and more easily”, stated Luca Bartolomeo, Senior Director, Industrial Business Development at NXP Semiconductors.

“Clea is perfectly positioned to become an Open Standard for data-intensive IoT applications. Being acknowledged for its value by one of the world’s leading technology players marks a strategic milestone and represents yet another substantial technical validation for our platform. We will strive to be a key player in enabling Edge AI thanks to frameworks like NXP’s eIQ machine learning development environment, and we look forward to supporting NXP users in building their next big thing”, stated Massimo Mauri, CEO of SECO.

SECO (IOT.MI) is a high-tech company that develops and manufactures cutting-edge solutions for the digitalization of industrial products and processes. SECO’s hardware and software offerings enable B2B companies to easily introduce edge computing, Internet of Things, data analytics, and artificial intelligence to their businesses. SECO’s technology spans across multiple fields of application, serving more than 450 customers across sectors such as medical, industrial automation, fitness, vending, transportation, and many others. Through live monitoring and smart control of in-the-field devices, SECO solutions contribute to low environmental impact business operations via a more efficient use of resources.

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