Thyristor Modules

Thyristor modules turn on by applying a pulse current to a gate current. However, because it is a latch type semiconductor, the thyristor only turns on when a sustained current (holding current) reaches a set level.

To turn off in a DC circuit, the gate current must be reduced below the holding current or reverse voltage has to be applied using a commutation circuit. In an AC circuit, the pulse current has to be applied to the gate current whenever it is positive, because the gate current falls below the holding current and the thyristor turns off whenever the current alternates.

Compensating Reactive Powers

Integrated measuring electronics log operating data, such as voltage, current, temperature and the switching state for dynamic power factor correction. The Epcos TSM-LC-Thyristor Modules, - Global Electronics Industry NewsS thyristor module is designed for voltages of 200 to 440V AC (50/60Hz) and is suitable for compensating reactive powers of up to 55kvar.   Installation is via the system bus (RJ45).

Maximum values of parameters are simultaneously stored and the data is transmitted via the interface to the power factor controller. Further processing enables comprehensive capacitor and system protection. There is a high-contrast OLED for the operating data and alarm and error messages.

Silent Operation

The thyristor module operates silently with no wear and is maintenance-free, says the  company. It has a switching time of only 5ms. According to the company, the module also increases the operating life of the capacitors, as it switches at the zero crossing of the current and monitors the capacitor current.

Avoiding Dangerous Over-Currents

Dangerous over-currents are avoided and the power line is not exposed to transients.   The thyristor module is suitable for power factor correction applications with presses, welding machines, elevators, cranes and wind turbines.

Further Information

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