World Science Day: Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerating electrification of transport faster than ever

As UNESCO’s World Science Day 2020 kicks off, the need for innovation to help solve some of the greatest challenges our planet faces has never been greater, though the time we have to discover these solutions is running out… but thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), we’re moving quicker than ever before.

AI continues to transform our everyday lives and is fast being implemented across industries globally. Built to accelerate the discovery of the optimal solution in a huge search space, AI is now being used as a catalyst for a greener, more sustainable world by identifying different material compositions for the best possible electric vehicle batteries as the worldwide shift to carbon neutrality intensifies.

Developing and producing batteries from a world-first AI-driven battery centre in the heart of Europe, electric vehicle battery producer, InoBat last month unveiled the world’s first ‘intelligent’ battery to the world. The intelligent battery is produced through a combination of AI and High Throughout (HTP) tech, and it’s already outperforming its competition, promising an almost 20% increase in operational range for current best-in-class electric vehicles. How though, is it possible for InoBat to discover the optimised cell chemistries so quickly? InoBat Co-Founder and CEO, Marian Bocek states:

“Thanks to our patented technology led-approach which combines AI and HTP technology, InoBat’s road to discovery for new battery chemistries is 10 times faster compared to that of a traditional lab. Building better batteries requires constant testing and the optimisation of each stage in the development process, and our technology-led approach to accelerate this process is unique. No other battery cell maker has the technology to discover and develop battery chemistries as quickly as InoBat.”

After many years of slow progress in the electric vehicle world, AI-driven research in battery cell chemistry is unlocking the potential of electric vehicles, helping to provide a long-term sustainable solution to the automotive market and accelerating the electrification of transport quicker than ever before.

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