Wurth adds reference design with MagI³C power modules

Using the MagI³C power supply reference design by Wurth Elektronik, a manufacturer can demonstrate how to build an adjustable current or voltage source, using a MagI3C power module. (The power modules are DC/DC converters with integrated controller IC, inductors and capacitors.) The board is based on the MagI³C variable step down regulator module to which two additional control loops have been added.

The reference design is aimed at various applications that require an adjustable power source. It generates a constant voltage with an adjustable maximum current, or it can be set to generate a constant current with adjustable maximum voltage. In the two operating modes, the output voltage can be set from 0 to 15V and the current from 0 to 2.5A. The input voltage range is 7.0 to 36V. LEDs on the board indicate the voltage regulation mode, current regulation mode and a missing output voltage. The output voltage and output current are set on two potentiometers.

The reference design can be used as a driver for white, infra red and ultra violet power LEDs or as a battery charger for lead, NiCd, NiMH or lithium-ion batteries. It can be used as super cap charger and mini lab power supply.

The board can be ordered immediately (article number 178002). The documentation DNS002 for the reference design and the CAD data are available online in the product catalog (Reference Designs).

Würth Elektronik eiSos Group is a manufacturer of electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry. The company is one of the largest European manufacturers of passive components and is active in 50 countries. Production sites in Europe, Asia and North America supply customers worldwide.

The company’s product range includes EMC components, inductors, transformers, RF components, varistors, capacitors, resistors, quartz crystals, oscillators, power modules, wireless power transfer, LEDs, sensors, connectors, power supply elements, switches, push-buttons, connection technology, fuse holders and solutions for wireless data transmission.


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