Würth Elektronik adds a compact MagI³C module

Extending the MagI³C power module family, a compact 1.0A version in LGA-6EP package is now available from Würth Elektronik. The special feature of the 171010501 module is the power-good function. The module indicates on one pin whether the output voltage is in the nominal range.

The signal for the correct output voltage can be collected and used by a microcontroller to make applications more reliable and efficient. The failure of a power module can be detected more quickly. It is also possible to implement a switch-on sequence using the power-good signal. This prevents several power modules on a common power supply from switching on simultaneously and generating a current peak.

The Variable Step Down MicroModule (VDMM) supplies an output current of up to 1.0A. It operates with an input voltage of 2.5 to 5.5V and the output voltage can be set between 0.8 and 5.5V.

The module measures 3.2 x 2.5 x 1.6mm. It maintains high efficiency (up to 96 per cent) across the entire output current range by automatically switching between operating modes depending on load requirements.

Protection circuitry prevents damage from over-heating, over-current voltage, short-circuit voltage and under-voltage. Typical applications include point of load (PoL) DC/DC applications with 5.0 or 3.3V bus voltages, replacing linear regulators, supplying I/O interfaces and microcontrollers, supplying DSPs and FPGAs with auxiliary voltage, portable devices and battery powered applications.

The MagI³C-VDMM is EMC-compliant in accordance with EN55032 Class B/CISPR-32. The LGA-6EP package of the new module is a pin-compatible version of the 1.0 and 0.6A MicroModules and the new power-good pin.

The MagI³C-VDMM with power-good function is immediately from stock now and without minimum order quantity. Free samples can be requested. An evaluation board is also available.

Würth Elektronik eiSos Group manufactures electronic and electromechanical components for the electronics industry. It is one of the largest European manufacturers of passive components and is active in 50 countries. Production sites in Europe, Asia and North America supply customers worldwide.

Its product range includes EMC components, inductors, transformers, RF components, varistors, capacitors, resistors, quartz crystals, oscillators, power modules, wireless power transfer, LEDs, sensors, connectors, power supply elements, switches, push-buttons, connection technology, fuse holders and solutions for wireless data transmission.

Würth Elektronik is part of the Würth Group. The assembly and fastening technology company employs 7,300 staff.


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