200 W half-brick DC/DC industrial converter has input range of 8:1

Flex Power Modules is expanding its range of industrial DC/DC converters with the release of a wide input part covering 9-75 Vdc (80 V / 1 s) with a choice of fully regulated outputs 12 V, 24 V, 48 V or 54 Vdc, rated at 200 W.

The PKJ8200 series is in a baseplate-cooled industry-standard half-brick format with through-hole pins for board-mounted operation and features up to 91 per cent conversion efficiency. This allows operation from -40 degree C to high ambient temperatures with a package limit of 110 degree C. For example, full load is available to 80 degree C ambient with no attached heatsinking with 3 m/s airflow for the 12 V output part.

The series has a wide output adjustment range of -50 per cent  /+10 per cent, settable by a single resistor, and full protection is included against input under-voltage, over-temperature, output over-current, over-voltage and short circuits. A remote sensing function and a primary-referenced remote shutdown pin are also provided.

The PKJ8200 series features 2250 Vdc input-output isolation (1500 Vdc input-baseplate and 1000 Vdc output-baseplate) and meets conducted EMC standards EN 55032, CISPR22 and FCC part 15J Class B with the specified external components.

The wide input range of the series makes the parts suitable for demanding rail applications operating at nominal 24/36/48 V inputs with the supply dips and surges as specified in railway standard EN 50155. Shock and vibration levels specified in the standard are also met, along with the fire and smoke requirements in rail standard EN 45545-2.

The company claimed its new PKJ8200 series, with its 8:1 input and wide output adjustment range, is ideal for rail and industrial applications where just one part can suit a variety of applications.

Flex Power Modules is a manufacturer and solution provider of scalable DC/DC power converters primarily serving the data processing, communications, industrial and transportation markets. Offering a wide range of both isolated and non-isolated solutions, its digitally-enabled DC/DC converters include PMBus compatibility supported by the Flex Power Designer.


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