32bit microcontrollers operate in extended temperature range

Renesas adds 32bit microcontrollers that support circuit boards in high-temperature locations and save space.

The RX24T and RX24U 32bit microcontrollers now include high-temperature-tolerant models for motor control applications that require an expanded operating temperature range. The RX24T G version and RX24U G version support operating temperatures ranging from −40 to +105°C, while maintaining characteristics such as high speed, high functionality, and energy efficiency of the RX24T and RX24U microcontrollers, assures Renesas.

They are designed to address the challenge of heat in motor control applications. In industrial machinery and office equipment, as well as home appliances that handle hot air and heated water, circuit boards are being mounted in high temperature locations. Demand for designs with larger interior capacity or heating areas, typically in household appliances, restricts the space available for circuit boards. Circuit board design with a smaller surface area addresses space constraints but also reduces the board’s capacity to disperse heat. The high temperature-tolerant microcontrollers can operate in high temperature spaces and on hot circuit boards.

Software can be developed using the RX24T and RX24U CPU cards and the 24V motor control evaluation kit.

The RX24T and RX24U have a maximum operating frequency of 80MHz. Peripheral functions for motor control include timers, an ADC and analogue circuits that enable efficient control of two brushless DC motors by a single chip, says Renesas. The addition of the G versions mean all 32-bit RX microcontroller products for motor control support operating temperatures from -40 to +105 degrees C.

The RX24T G version and RX24U G version are in mass production. The RX24T covers 11 models with pin counts ranging from 64 to 100 pins and memory sizes from 128 to 512kbytes. The RX24U covers six models with pin counts ranging from 100 to 144 pins and memory sizes from 256 to 512kbytes.


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