400G ZR modules cool the costs of data centres

Laser and optoelectronic manufacturer, NeoPhotonics, offers 400G ZR modules which support operation up to 80 degrees C to reduced system cooling requirements in data centres.

The extended case temperature QSFP-DD 400G ZR modules use NeoPhotonics’ coherent optical components including its silicon photonics Coherent Optical Subassembly (COSA) and low power consumption, narrow line width Nano-ITLA tunable laser.  Each of these components can be operated over a wide module case temperature range up to 80 degrees C. This enables the Neophotonics 400G ZR modules to be deployed in extended temperature data centre environments while reducing cooling requirements and fan power.

The ability to offer thermally-optimised designs which are capable of supporting higher case temperatures will contribute to reduced system cooling requirements, which in turn is an important consideration for implementing power-efficient data centre interconnect architectures.

Tim Jenks, chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics, said, “By utilising our . . . high speed coherent components technology and optimising the entire optics suite through in-house design, we are able to favourably benefit data centres’ need to reduce power consumption and improve environmental sustainability”.

36 NeoPhotonics QSFP-DD 400ZR modules are shown operating in a data centre switch by Arista.

NeoPhotonics develops and manufactures lasers and optoelectronic products that transmit, receive and switch high speed digital optical signals for cloud and hyper-scale data centre internet content providers and telecomms networks.

The company’s products enable cost-effective, high speed over distance data transmission and efficient allocation of bandwidth in optical networks.

NeoPhotonics has its headquarters in San Jose, California, USA and also operates ISO 9001:2015 certified engineering and manufacturing facilities in Silicon Valley (USA), Japan and China.


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