650V CoolMOS CFD7 performs in resonant topologies

For switch mode power supply designs in industrial applications, the trend for high efficiency and power density as well as increased bus voltages has led to demand for power devices with 650V breakdown voltage. In response, Infineon has introduced the 650V CoolMOS CFD7.

The MOSFETs are best suited for resonant topologies in soft-switching applications like telecomms, server, solar and off-board EV-charging, advises Infineon.

The latest devices extend the voltage range of the CoolMOS CFD7 family and match LLC and zero-voltage-switching phase-shift full-bridge topologies. The have an additional 50V breakdown voltage, integrated fast body diode and improved switching performance, says Infineon, with low reverse-recovery charge and “excellent” thermal behaviour, says the company.

In addition, the switching losses, as well as RDS(on) dependency over-temperature, are significantly reduced. Improved gate charge (Q g) and fast switching of the 650 V CoolMOS CFD7 family increases efficiency over the whole load range. In switch mode power supplies, these MOSFETs are claimed to provide outstanding light-load and improved full-load efficiency compared to competing devices. Infineon adds tha the best-in-class RDS(on) enables customers to increase the power density level of SMPS at a competitive price.

The 650V CoolMOS CFD7 is available for order now in TO-220, TO-247, and TO-247 4-pin packages.


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