8:1 non-isolated bus converter is compact for optimise PoL efficiency

The BMR320 non-isolated, unregulated, DC/DC intermediate bus converter has been designed by Flex Power Modules with a fixed 8:1 I/O voltage ratio. The compact converter operates over a 40 to 60V DC input range, producing a 5.0 to 7.5 V DC output.

The BMR320 is suitable for a range of applications including powering PoL (point of load) converters at lower intermediate bus voltages to optimise system efficiency. The BMR320 is rated at 400W / 60A at 54V input and achieves a power density of 128W/cm3 (2126W/in3). The converter has a small form factor, measuring 27 x 18 x 6.4mm. 

With efficiency peaking at 97.7 per cent, up to three units can be paralleled for a total load of 1080W. The parts are designed for top-side cooling to a heatsink with airflow or for liquid cooling via a thermal block. The relatively flat design of the topside of the converter allows for easy connection via a thermal interface material such as a gap pad, advised Flex.

The unregulated, non-isolated architecture used in the BMR320 reduces the output impedance of the converter when compared to regulated designs, explained Flex. This reflects the input bus capacitance efficiently to the output, enhancing it to cope with large load transients with minimal droop.

Safety features include output current limit and over-voltage, over-temperature and input under-voltage protection. A PMBus interface is included for monitoring and control. The converter is supported by the company’s Flex Power Designer software tool.

Suitable application are those where power density, efficiency and low cost are crucial factors, commented Anders Sellin, strategic product manager at Flex Power modules. Typical examples are datacomms, cloud computing and AI applications

The BMR320 intermediate bus converter will be available in OEM quantities by end of this year.

Flex Power Modules manufactures scalable DC/DC power converters primarily serving the data processing, communications, industrial and transportation markets. It has a range of both isolated and non-isolated products and its digitally-enabled DC/DC converters include PMBus compatibility supported by the Flex Power Designer. 


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