8Mpixel image sensor achieves 4K video quality

Optimised for harsh lighting conditions, the AR0822 image sensor has 120dB embedded high dynamic range (eHDR) and high efficiency near-infrared response, said onsemi. 

The eHDR feature and optimised near-infra red (NIR) response are necessary for applications with harsh lighting conditions, such as security and surveillance, body cameras, doorbell cameras and robotics. The sensor’s low power architecture and wake on motion features are designed to reduce system power significantly, said onsemi.

Many HDR techniques use multi-exposure outputs, sending up to three images with different exposures to the image signal processor (ISP) which have to be combined. This approach requires up to three times more system bandwidth and more expensive components, especially with higher resolutions. With embedded HDR functionality on the sensor, the AR0822 reduces system bandwidth and processor power while also delivering exceptional image quality through intelligent linearisation with exposure combination that compensates for motion and flickering light sources, explained onsemi.

The AR0822 is an 8Mpixel stacked 1/1.8−inch (8.81mm diagonal) back-side illuminated (BSI) CMOS digital image sensor based upon a 2.0 micro pixel. It features an active array of 3840  x 2160 and is capable of 4K video at 60 frames per second, capturing images in either linear or eHDR modes (120dB) with a rolling-shutter readout.

Most cameras save power by operating in lower power modes when there is inactivity and resume regular operation upon detecting motion. These systems generally need both the sensor and processor to operate to detect motion. The AR0822 can intelligently detect motion on the sensor using its wake on motion function, which allows the processor to enter a low power standby mode until the sensor detects motion and triggers the processor to resume operating mode.

There is also enhanced NIR sensitivity and camera functions such as binning/windowing. The sensor is designed for rugged environments, offering an operating temperature range from -30 C to +85 degrees C junction temperature. The AR0822 is available now through onsemi and authorised distributors.


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