A dozen skived finned heatsinks reduce thermal resistance

Fischer Elektronik has expanded its heatsink range with 12 additions which are skived fin designs, for use with the KSK 1 to 12 series for forced convection.

Fischer explains that skiving is derived from the English meaning “peeling off”. The very close-meshed heatsink structure is produced using a special production machine and enables fin ratios that cannot be produced in the classic extrusion process, says Fischer Elektronik. In contrast to glued or soldered versions with a similar fin density, skived fin heatsinks are made from a single piece. They offer a reduced thermal resistance as there is no additional heat transfer through foreign material from the base plate into the individual fins.

The skived fin heatsinks are initially offered as standard in dimensions of  60 x 60, 80 x 80, 100 x 100, 120 x 120, 140 x 140 and 160 x 160mm, each in two heights.

It is also possible to produce customer-specific heatsinks based on customer drawings, says Fischer. Variations include different heatsink widths and lengths, different thicknesses of semiconductor mounting bases up to an adapted number of fins, spacing and thickness. Skived fin heatsinks are made of a very thermally conductive aluminium alloy and the respective semiconductor mounting surfaces are precisely milled flat.

According to Fischer Elektronik, skived heatsinks are suited to cooling thermoelectric and similar power modules and they also allow great design flexibility and fast prototyping. Designs made of other aluminium alloys or completely made of copper material on request.

Fischer Elektronik also offers additional mechanical processing as well as customer-specific heatsink geometries.


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