Acoustic test chamber is stackable and fit for automotive

An anechoic acoustic test chamber introduced by Alfamation is one third of the size of competitors’ solutions, claims the company. The ELC-6 is used to isolate the device under test (DUT) from the external environment to test in high-volume production scenarios. The test chamber can internally reproduce the far field condition.

Although around one third of the size of similar test chambers on the market, it provides comparable acoustic shielding performance and a high sound insertion loss of typically 40dB at 1KHz.

Its dimensions are 230 x 280 x 130mm to not only save floor space but the ELC-6 enables test chambers to be stacked on top of each other for further space savings. Depending on the product size and application, the chamber can usually host more than one DUT, adds Alfamation.

The ELC-6 chamber is designed to test any audio speaker in the 20Hz to 20kHz range that is typically used for small, portable devices in consumer and automotive applications, including standalone loudspeakers, and loudspeakers for smartphones and tablets

The test chamber can be supplied and used in manual, semi-automatic and fully-automatic configurations. The manual mode is the simplest, where an operator opens and closes the door as required. In the semi-automatic mode, the chamber doors are locked and unlocked automatically, while the fully-automatic mode enables the ELC-6’s integration into an automated production line with robotic loading and unloading of DUTs.

The chamber is available either as a standard product or it can be customised to meet various sizes and form factor requirements. Alfamation can also fully integrate and supply the test chamber as part of a customised manufacturing test cell

The new ELC-6 is constructed on a solid cast aluminium base with sound absorbers, thus enabling pneumatically-assisted loading and unloading. It includes integrated pass/fail LEDs, and a customisable connector panel allowing DUT feed and measurement signals to be transmitted in and out, and of course provides connections for microphones.

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