Acromag enhances BusWorks NT remote modules with conditional logic

Ethernet expandable I/O modules by Acromag, the BusWorks NT series remote I/O modules go beyond simple yes / no responses and process if / then / else logic for rule-based I/O operation.

Acromag has enhanced the BusWorks NT modules with conditional logic which increases functionality with a system of rules that allows complicated decisions based on relatively simple “yes/no” questions. 

For example, reading an analogue or digital input value can trigger an action to happen as a result. This value could be used to control a relay when one or more conditions occur. 

Another example would be when a discrete input is ‘on’ and a temperature threshold is crossed. More complex math computation and logic are also available as an option.

The conditional logic capability allows users to implement rule-based control functions without programming, said Acromag. Conditional logic is configured on the NT’s built-in web configuration page and no programming is required. The modules support up to 64 conditions using ‘if / then / else’ statements.

NTE Ethernet I/O models have dual RJ45 ports and a web bserver with Modbus TCP/IP and Ethernet/IP communication to monitor or control the internal I/O channels. An integrated DIN rail bus allows connections of up to three NTX expansion I/O modules. Each I/O module adds up to 16 input or output signals allowing a mix of voltage, current, temperature, TTL and relay control signals networked on one IP address.

The design requires only 25mm of DIN rail per module to save space. Ethernet I/O modules distribute 9.0 to 32V DC power along the DIN rail bus to expansion modules. Hazardous location approvals, high noise immunity and -40 to 70 degrees C operation means that the I/O is suitable for use in harsh environments.

The NT2000 series offers a ariety of I/O signal processing options. There are nine I/O configurations available as either NTE Ethernet I/O or NTX expansion I/O models. Analogue I/O models feature eight differential or 16 single-ended inputs for monitoring current or voltage signals. Discrete I/O models provide 16 tandem I/O channels with either active high / low input and sinking/sourcing output.

A six-channel mechanical relay output model is also available. For temperature monitoring, a thermocouple input model supports a variety of sensor types and also mV ranges. More models will be released over the coming months for additional I/O functions, confirmed Acromag.

Profinet communication is also planned. Each module will support all three protocols which are selectable using any web browser to configure the network settings and I/O operation. The modules typically function as a network slave, but also offer Acromag’s i2o peer-to-peer communication technology to transfer data between modules directly without a host or master in between. Multicast capability is included.

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