ADG-P series joins Interpro Systems’ programmable DC power range

The ADG-P programmable DC power supply has been added to Intepro Systems’ range. It offers 100kW of programmable power in a single unit.

The high power density and output power units can be used as standalone units of connected in parallel. The wide voltage and current range, makes the ADG-P particularly suitable for renewable energy, smart grid and electric vehicle (EV) applications.

Intepro says that the ADG-P series has “industry leading performance on ripple, response time, and voltage regulation”. The design incorporates intuitive local control via a five-inch touchscreen and free of charge, remote control software to simplify systems integration. The power supply can operate in constant voltage, constant current and constant power modes with remote sensing for output line voltage drop compensation. It is protected against over-voltage and under-voltage, over-current, over-power and over-temperature events.

A single 100kW unit reduces the risk of interference from parallel connection signals as seen on other units requiring multi-unit parallel connections,” explained Joe Engler, one of Intepro’s lead engineers.

The ADG-L series of programmable DC power supplies offers high power density, low noise, and tight regulation, says the company, while the combination of digital signal processing (DSP) and pulse width modulation (PWM) technologies has enabled “significant advances” in stability and measurements.

The ADG-L series includes 14 models with 4kW, 8kW and 12kW maximum output powers and auto range models are available to provide a higher output current at lower output voltage.

Since 1981, Intepro Systems has supplied automated test systems to manufacturers all over the world to test power electronics used in a wide range of applications. It says its knowledge and expertise in moving and measuring power makes its systems unparalleled for characterisation of power components, environmental stress screening, production test and repair across all industries.

Intepro Systems instrumentation and systems test and validate power supply systems and components used in aerospace, military, telecommunications, and other power electronics applications. The company has direct sales offices in the UK, Ireland, China and the USA, and distributors covering the rest of the world.

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