Advantech increases LoRaWAN capabilities with two new modules

Two new LoRaWAN industrial sensing and I/O modules have been added to Advantech’s LoRaWAN (long range wide area network) product offering. 

LoRaWAN offers industrial users’ low cost, long distance, low power, high security connectivity. 

Advantech’s Edgelink IoT gateway software 200+ edge devices may be connected via a southbound interface to different platforms via the northbound interface inside the gateway. This means users do not have to worry about data parsing processes, said Advantech.

The WISE-2200-M is a LoRaWAN Modbus read/write communication device. WISE-2200-M supports maximum 128 address and 30 rule settings and can connect to Modbus sensors and meters for different applications. The LoRa modulation technology is powered by Semtech’s LoRa with a range of up to 15km. It supports bi-directional communication and multi-cast function and standard protocols including Modbus / RTU protocol with a maximum of 128 address and 30 rules setting as well as the LoRaWAN wireless communication protocol.

For security, the module supports both public and private network infrastructure. AES 128 encryption between the end device and network server. Each device has a  QR code to pre-configure the device’s information directly on network server.

The second introduction is the WISE-4610 advanced industrial LoRa/LoRaWAN wireless I/O module with selectable private LoRa and LoRaWAN options. It provides a longer communication range and better penetration through concrete and steel and crates less interference than 2.4GHz spectrum devices. The application ready I/O module can be fitted with an IP65 enclosure and powered by solar rechargeable battery or 10 to 50V DC input. It also supports GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, GLONASS systems.

The modular I/O design is compliant with many I/O and sensor options. It also supports the Modbus / RTU protocol as standard and has GNSS positioning as an optional feature. The real time action capability supports a digital output channel for remote power or switch on/off function. There are three power supply options – DC line power, or optional battery power or solar power.

Advantech’s WISE-2200-M – LoRaWAN single RS-485 I/O module and WISE-4610 advanced industrial LoRa/LoRaWAN wireless I/O module are available for order now.

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