Advantech to design COM-HPC standard-compatible CoMs

COM-HPC is the new standard for computer on modules (CoMs). Advantech will base a series of high performance modules on the standard which will be designed to meet the exacting requirements of next-generation IoT markets, where they have to handle and process with very high quantities of data.

The COM-HPC standard was necessary as the existing standard COM Express Type 7, which has been in place since 2016, is not able to handle the demands of new requirements, such as 5G data communication, explains Advantech. Future applications will be the real time data synchronisation and the processing of machinery in factory lines – or different locations – for industrial automation. Defence systems, medical imaging applications and warehouses employing robots will also be typical use cases for this module, Advantech advises.

“PICMG is excited about the pending completion of the COM-HPC specification,” said Jessica Isquith, president of PICMG. She believes Advantech’s development of COM-HPC will lead to the rapid adoption of the forthcoming open specification.

Advantech has been involved in defining the specifications for COM-HPC for more than two years. The standard is scheduled for ratification at the end of 2020.

All five COM-HPC module standards (A to E) will utilise 800 pins via two new high speed connectors with at least four 100-pin and two 400-pin board to board connectors.

The standard is expected to allow an increased power input and optimised I/O expansion capabilities. The available board sizes enable the adoption of high level processors. Larger model COM-HPC modules are compatible with four to eight DIMM memory expansion sockets. Additionally, the module’s TDP supports 110W processors, whereas COM-Express only supports up to 65W. COM-HPC accepts power inputs higher than 300W and the size E module (measuring 200 x 160mm / 0.65 x 0.52 inches) features up to 1Tbyte of memory via eight pcs long DIMM memory capacity. Size C offers 128Gbyte via four pcs SODIMM.

COM-HPC supports higher bandwidths via innovative BGA-type board to board connectors. They offer PCIe 4.0 and PCIe Gen 5 (32GT/s) support, and can be scaled up to 65 lanes. They also feature ports for four USB 4.0 or USB 3.2 Gen, up to 10GBASE-T and eight ports 25GBASE-KR with sideband signals. COM-HPC also offers more low power I/O such as 12 general purpose I/O slots, SPI, IPMB, I2C, and SMBus for intelligent system management.

Advantech will release a COM-HPC evaluation kit called SOM-8990 and a carrier board called SOM-DB8900, in Q4 2020. This will be a server pin-out equipped with Intel Xeon D 16Core/TDP 110W processor.

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