AEC-Q102-qualified linear optocoupler allows fast data transfer

Believed to be the industry’s first AEC-Q102 qualified linear optocoupler, the Vishay Semiconductors’ VOA300 is a single-ended output, automotive grade device for fast data transfer. The transfer rate of 1.4MHz ensures passenger and vehicle safety, said Vishay.

It offers an isolation voltage of 5,300V rms, which is five times faster than competing devices, according to Vishay, while delivering increased transfer gain stability of ± 0.005 per cent, per degree C typical.

The automotive grade optocoupler consists of an AIGaAs infrared LED (IRLED) irradiating an isolated feedback diode and an output PIN photodiode in a bifurcated arrangement. The VOA300’s feedback photodiode captures a percentage of the LED’s flux and generates a control signal that is used to servo the LED drive current, while the output PIN photodiode produces an output signal  linearly related to the servo optical flux created by the LED. The time and temperature stability of the input-output coupler is ensured by using matched PIN photodiodes that track the output flux of the LED. 

The VOA300’s single-ended output can be directly connected to an amplifier stage or an ADC. The optocoupler is designed for galvanically isolated current and voltage measurement in electric vehicles (EV), including on-board chargers (OBC), traction inverters and DC/DC converters. In addition to transfer rates of 1.4MHz, the fast response time enables quick detection of voltage and current ripples for battery cut-off mechanisms (eFuses) that protect passengers and vehicles. 

The linear optocoupler offers low input-output capacitance of 1pF typical, high gain linearity of ± 0.25 per cent and low power consumption of less than 15mW. 

The optocoupler features an operating temperature range up to +125 degrees C, making it suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments. 

The optocoupler is RoHS-compliant, halogen-free, and Vishay Green. 

Samples and production quantities of the VOA300 are available now, with lead times of 10 weeks.

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