Aetina collaborates for defect-detect manufacturing

Demonstrating how far artificial intelligence (AI) reaches industrial manufacturing, general purpose graphics processor unit (GPU) and edge computing provider, Aetina has partnered with customised equipment supplier, Ke Cheng to bring AI computing into original automated visual inspection (AVI) equipment to raise the accuracy ratio of detection to 90 per cent. The result is faster operation, adds the company.

In the past, AVI equipment performance could be affected by colour differences and height. Ke Cheng brought system integration and vision recognition expertise to upgrade the original AVI equipment with the Aetina Jetson AI computing platform.

Ke Cheng focuses on metal inspection, customised system integration services and the development and optimisation of vision inspection software. The architecture of this intelligent AVI consists of existing AVI equipment, AI computing servers, data centres and vision inspection algorithms. Inspecting defects at the measuring stage, the AVI equipment sends data to the AI server for re-inspecting. Results will be sent back to the AVI equipment which will determine whether to notify the product manager, according to the rules of the algorithm.

The AI server is built with Aetina Jetson AI, based on Aetina Jetson carrier board, ACE-N510, and Nvidia Jetson TX2 computing module, providing 256 CUDA computing cores and 1.3 TFLOPS on AI inference capabilities. The Jetson not only fulfills the computing ability required by the AI server but also has the small form factor that is desirable for deployment in the original production line. Combined with Ke Chang’s vision inspection algorithm, each Aetina AI computing platform can cascade up to 15 AVI equipment and inspect eight kinds of defect type. This intelligent AVI solution successfully increases the accuracy of automated vision inspections to above 90 per cent, maintains Aerina and eliminates manual re-inspection to reduce labour costs and increase the yield of production lines.

Aetina was founded in Taiwan in 2012, to provide support for general purpose GPUs and Jetson edge AI computing for embedded applications. It focuses on the industrial market.

Ke Cheng Technology focuses on electronic products and software development, and is a customised equipment supplier with R&D and process integration capabilities.

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