Aetina quadruples AI power efficiency

To support the demand for more smart applications for AI embedded system and application developers, Aetina offers a series of system on modules (SoMs) built with Nvidia Jetson modules. The company has compared its Nvidia Jetson AGX Xavier edge computing platform with the RTX 2080 graphics card. Using the Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier AI computing platform, which has 512 CUDA computing cores and 11 TFLOPS of AI computing inference, the company compared the Nvidia RTX 2080 high-performance graphics card which provides 20.14TFLOPS computing performance, but it needs 225W for operation. However, with the Xavier platform, it only cost 30W for operation, bringing 0.367 TFLOPS/W, for a four-fold improvement in AI performance effciency, reports Aetina, compared to RTX 2080’s 0.09 TFLOPS/W. The Xavier platform supports various I/O extension, external high-speed Net card, and flexible match with different camera modules. As an SoM platform, the Aetina Xavier platform is easy to deploy at any edge position in the embedded IoT environment, lower the AI latency, and bring a perfect AIoT (AI of things) chain at the edge.

Using the software, the Aetina R&D team optimised the Openpose algorithm, to detect human skeletons and capture several people in real-time. With the data from the skeleton, it can define the pose with action, execute a higher-level application.

With Aetina Jetson AGX Xavier edge AI computing platform, high-performance with low power consumption can realise an AI application of collapse detection in the intelligent medical sector and also conduct customer behaviour analysis in smart retail applications.

Aetina was founded in Taiwan in 2012, as a support provider of high-performance GPGPU and Jetson edge AI computing solutions for embedded applications. The company focuses on the industrial market, providing industrial components and longevity of service.

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