Air velocity sensors monitor for thermal efficiency

Air velocity data can be combined with existing temperature data for insights into thermal efficiency.

Posifa Technologies has announced the PAV3000 series of economical, high-performance air velocity sensors with digital I2C output. They have a surface-mount footprint for thermal management and filter monitoring in even the most space-constrained locations, claims the company. Unlike thermistor-based solutions, the PAV3000 has a MEMS sensor core that is minimally affected by ambient temperature changes and which provides instant real-time feedback on proper air flow at critical locations.

Air velocity data complements temperature information to provide thermal efficiency insight. The PAV3000 helps identify areas that require unusually high air flow to maintain stable temperatures, layouts for rack enclosures with air cooling, such as those found in data centres, can be modified to reduce cooling demands for increased energy savings. In applications such as HVAC systems, air velocity measurements can be used to determine when filters need to be replaced. This ensures hardware is adequately protected during heavy use, and it allows customers with light usage requirements to benefit from extended change intervals.

PAV3000 series devices feature Posifa’s third-generation thermal flow die, which uses a pair of thermopiles to detect changes in temperature gradient caused by mass flow. The result is excellent repeatability of one per cent FS and accuracy of five per cent FS. The solid-state thermal isolation structure on the sensor die eliminates the need for a surface cavity or a fragile membrane which makes the sensor resistant to clogging and pressure shock.

Measuring air velocity at seven metres per second (PAV3005V) and 15 metres per second (PAV3015V), the PAV3000 series devices offer fast response times of 125 milliseconds typical in a compact, robust package. The air velocity sensors feature a 12-bit digital output, 3.3V supply voltage, and supply current of 13mA.

Samples and production quantities of the PAV3000 series air velocity sensors are available now.

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