Alliance Memory continues Micron M29F 5V parallel NOR flash supply

Alliance Memory has been announced as an authorised reseller for Micron’s M29F 5V parallel NOR Flash devices, which Micron discontinued in March 2018. Micron continues to produce the M29F devices for Alliance Memory and will supply Alliance Memory for any new orders placed up to the middle of next year.

Micron’s M29F devices are compatible with AM29F and MX29F devices. A technical note on Micron’s website details how to migrate from AM29F devices to M29F devices.

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ legacy component needs and have had great success working with Micron to provide continued support for a variety of devices, including 512Mbit SDRAMs and 8Gbit DDR3L SDRAMs,” said David Bagby, president and CEO of Alliance Memory.

The M29F200FB55M3F2 (2Mbit), M29F400FB55M3F2 (4Mbit), M29F400FB55N3E2 (4Mbit), M29F400FB55N3F2 (4Mbit), M29F400FT5AN6E2 (4Mbit), M29F800FB5AN6E2 (8Mbit), M29F800FB5AN6F2 (8Mbit), M29F800FB55M3F2 (8Mbit), M29F800FT55N3E2 (8Mbit), M29F160FB5AN6F2 (16Mbit) and M29F160FT55N3E2 (16Mbit) 5V NOR Flash parts are now available directly from Alliance Memory.

The AEC-Q100-certified components feature a 55ns access time. They have an operating temperature range of -40 to +85 degrees C and -40 to +125 degrees C extended temperature ranges in the 48-pin TSOP and 44-pin SOP packages. Additional density and configuration options may be available upon request.

Alliance Memory provides critical and hard-to-find DRAM and SRAM ICs for the communications, computing, consumer electronics, medical, automotive and industrial markets. The company’s product range includes NOR flash, DRAM, and SRAM memory ICs with commercial, industrial, and automotive operating temperature ranges and densities from 64kbit to 8Gbit.

The privately held Alliance Memory maintains headquarters in Kirkland, Washington, USA and regional offices in Europe, Asia, Canada, and South America.

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