AlphaZBL AC/DC active bridge rectifier improves efficiency

The AOZ7203AV active bridge rectifier has been released by Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOS). The company claimed that it enables improved efficiency and reduces standby power consumption in high power AC/DC adapters and power supplies.

It is an extension to AOS’ active bridge driver, AlphaZBL family. The AOZ7203AV is a self-powered dual driver IC for driving external high voltage MOSFETs to replace two low-side diodes of bridge rectifier. It is available in an SOP-8L package.

The AOZ7203AV is suitable for use in adapters for high end laptops and televisions, as well as power supplies for desktops, game consoles and servers.

The AOZ7203AV features a high withstand voltage, a self-powered Vcc supply from the AC line, low operation current and X-capacitor discharge (CB safety certified). A break-before-make circuit avoids the overlap of two gate driving while driving the low side high voltage MOSFETs in an active bridge rectifier circuit. It has an input voltage of up to 600V and a wide ambient temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees C and driving low RDSon high voltage MOSFETs to gain more efficiency improvement of AC power supply, advised AOS. These features make the AOZ7203AV suitable for efficient replacement of lossy diodes in the bridge rectifier circuit of an AC/DC power supply.

“Today’s power-hungry gaming laptops, game consoles, and high-performance desktops demand high efficiency from the AC/DC power supply. Using the AOZ7203AV with AOS’ low-Ohmic high-voltage external MOSFETs significantly improves the efficiency of the power converter as the typical rectifier-diode forward-conduction losses are reduced by 50 per cent,” said Armin Hsu, power IC senior marketing manager at AOS. “Efficiency can improve up to about 0.7 per cent at 90V mains voltage,” he added.

The AOZ7203AV is immediately available in production quantities with a lead time of 14 weeks. AOS products are offered in packages with Pb-free plating and are RoHS -compliant.

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