AMD raises the performance bar with Ryzen Embedded V3000 series 

For always on storage and networking, the Ryzen Embedded V3000 series processors have greater CPU performance, DRAM transfer rate, CPU core count and I/O connectivity compared to the AMD Ryzen Embedded V1000 series. According to AMD, the Ryzen Embedded V3000 series processors deliver the performance and low power options required for some of the most demanding 24×7 operating environments, enterprise and cloud storage, as well as data centre network routing, switching and firewall security features. 

“We designed AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 processors for customers seeking a balance of high-performance and power-efficiency for a wide range of applications in a compact BGA package,” said Rajneesh Gaur, corporate vice president and general manager, Embedded Solutions Group, AMD. 

The Ryzen Embedded V3000 processors are available in four-, six- and eight-core configurations with low thermal design power (TDP) profiles spanning 10 to 54W. According to AMD this enables a balance of performance and power efficiency in a compact design for network and storage systems. 

“Storage and networking require a different balance of data processing performance, data movement, power management and thermal management than traditional compute. Processors for storage and networking require compute, memory and I/O capabilities balanced for rack space utilisation, power efficiency and low heat dissipation in space-constrained environments,” said Shane Rau, research vice president, Computing Semiconductors, IDC. 

The Ryzen Embedded V3000 processor family enables system designers to leverage a single board design for a range of system configurations, with BGA packaging and low thermal dissipation. There are five processors in the V3000 series with CPU cache of 2.0 to 4Mbyte and 8.0 or 16Mbyte (L3), all with maximum DDR5 throughput of 4,800Mtransfers per second. They also all have 2x10GbE ports and junction temperature of 0 or -40 to +105 degrees C.

The V3000 processors also have Linux OS support with upstreamed Ubuntu and Yocto drivers and security capabilities including AMD Memory Guard to protect against unauthorised memory access and AMD Platform Secure Boot to mitigate for firmware advanced persistent threats.

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