Analog Devices audio system uses A2B audio bus technology

Based around the Sharc audio module (SAM) to create digital audio devices, Analog Devices has introduced an audio system based on its A2B audio bus technology. It includes audio FX processors, multi-channel audio systems, MIDI synthesisers, and other DSP-based audio systems.

SAM includes the dual-Sharc+ core ADSP-SC589 floating point audio processor SoC (with an integrated Arm Cortex-A5 core), a main Sharc audio module board (ADZS-SC589-Mini) with an AD2428 low-latency A2B audio bus transceiver and daughter boards to provide added functionality and expand the audio system. The Audio Project Fin board (ADZS-AudioProject) mates directly to the main board, providing MIDI I/O as well as pushbuttons and potentiometers to modify audio effects. The A2B amplifier module (ADZS-AudioA2BAmp) features two high-efficiency Class D amplifiers to output digital audio data received over the twisted-wire pair A2B bus from PDM microphones and/or serial TDM sources on the main board (or another connected A2B node).

The audio system delivers high-fidelity multi-channel digital audio with low and deterministic latency to a fully synchronised distributed audio system. It is suitable for fast prototyping, evaluation projects, demonstrations, and educational applications, explains Analog Devices. It enables users to realise a shorter time to market with a prototype system covering hardware and software.

The ADZS-SC589-Mini includes free CrossCore Embedded Studio license and ICE-1000 emulator for debugging.

The ADZS-AudioA2BAmp can be cascaded via A2B to provide eight amplified output channels to support 7.1 and other speaker configurations.

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