Analogix offers USB 3.2 single chip re-timer to meet repeater specifications

Built on proven architecture, the ANX74xx is Analogix Semiconductor’s second generation of 10Gbits per second USB-C re-timers. They are capable of switching DisplayPort and USB 3.2 Gen2 signals to support a single USB-C port for next generation, high performance, low power notebooks, two-in-one convertible laptops, desktop PCs, mobile devices, and servers.

The family complies with USB repeater specification for USB Gen 1 (5G) and Gen 2 (10G). The family is made up of five re-timers. The ANX7451 is a 10G USB-C re-timer with USB/ DisplayPort mux and integrated clock, the ANX7443 is a 10G re-timer with USB/ DisplayPort mux and integrated clock, the ANX7431 is a 10G re-timer with USB mux and integrated clock, the ANX7497 is an 8.1G DisplayPort re-timer with integrated clock and the ANX7491 is a 10G USB 3.2 re-timer with integrated clock.

Built on industry proven architecture previously adopted by Intel, AMD, and Nvidia CPU/GPU platforms, the second generation ANX74xx family features a low power consumption, integrated clock source, and improved robustness of DisplayPort 1.4a and USB 3.2. Features include loss compensation to recover up to 23dB channel loss for USB 3.2 Gen 2 10Gbits per second and up to 27dB for DisplayPort. There is support for full DisplayPort re-timer function with Link Training Tunable PHY Repeater (LTTPR) in transparent and non-transparent mode with AUX snooper. This, explains Analogix, guarantees a loss compensation to recover up to 27dB channel loss for DisplayPort HBR3 8.1Gbits per second.

The ANX74xx family complies with the latest USB 3.2 specification with added emphasis on the re-timer requirements defined in Appendix E, which specifies support for four-re-timer connectivity with seamless cascading of four re-timers, meeting the USB 3.2 CTS requirements.

Analogix is demonstrating the ANX74xx family at CES 2019 (8 to 12 January) in Las Vegas, Meeting Place MP25763 in LVCC South Hall 2.

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