andersDX looks around at automotive and marine dashboards

Extending its circular display range to cover more technologies, andersDX has launched a range of larger high performance circular displays of three- and 4.2-inch (76 and 107mm) diameter, aimed particularly at automotive, industrial and marine dashboards. The displays complement andersDX existing range of TFT, PMOLED and OLED modules of just over one-inch (25mm) diameter, which are aimed at wearable applications.

“The new circular TFT module brings a contemporary look for the automotive and marine market as well as medical and industrial applications,” said Paul Hooper, display group manager at andersDX. They offer a wide viewing angle and high brightness, he continued and are the circular modules are offered with an affordable non-recurring engineering (NRE) and tooling cost structure for lower volume industrial applications.

The full-colour TFT modules operate at the extended temperature range of -30 to +85 degree C, suitable for demanding environmental conditions found in automotive, industrial and marine applications.

The larger additons complement the existing range of smaller circular TFT displays that vary in size from 1.22- to 1.38-inch (31 to 35mm) models which are used for wearable electronics and small home appliances. AndersDX’s circular range includes a 1.3-inch (33mm) circular AMOLED and a 1.13-inch (29mm) PMOLED display.

The design team at andersDX can also offer advice on the best technology to use and talk through custom options such as enhanced or reduced brightness, custom cover lenses or unique sizes.

andersDX is a division of Anders Electronics, a display design specialist. Focusing on non-consumer electronic systems, andersDX uses its expertise in display, embedded computing and touch control technology to help customers differentiate their products through design engineering support. andersDX integrates standard, tailored or custom products together to create a complete display-based solution appropriate to its customers’ needs, expectations, volume and budgets. Where appropriate, andersDX can design and implement a custom solution.

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