Anritsu introduces error detector for 400G/800G optical modules

At this month’s ECOC 2019, Anritsu will introduce the 64.2GBaud NRZ / 58,2GBaud PAM4 error detector (ED) for the MP1900A signal quality analyser-R. The MP1900A series is a bit error rate tester (BERT) that accurately measures communications equipment, next-generation high-speed electronic and optical devices, including those for M2M and IoT applications, and optical transceivers used in high-end servers.
The PAM4 ED card for the MP1900A Signal Quality Analyser-R is an error detector supporting signal integrity evaluation on high-speed interfaces. The ED pluggable card offers switchable NRZ and PAM4 signal analysis, high-accuracy bit and symbol error ratio measurement, PAM4 Rx sensitivity, clock recovery and equaliser.
At the show in Dublin, Ireland, Anritsu will show the PAM4 ED card combined with the existing high quality PAM4 pulse pattern generator, to prove key capabilities for signal integrity and compliancy testing towards the latest standards in 200G, 400G and 800G transmission, such as MSB/LSB BER and PAM4 symbol error ratio, up to 58.2G clock recovery, 58.2GBaud PAM4 receiver sensitivity down to 36mV, received signal equalisation to compensate the impact of losses from PCBs and cables.

When the MP1900A multichannel signal generation is combined with 25/50/100/200/400G FEC patterns emulation and jitter tolerance testing, it enables evaluation of the true performance of optical transceiver modules in real life working conditions, says Anritsu.

In a joint demonstration with Teledyne-LeCroy, the MP1900A SQA-R platform, ready for PCIe Gen3, Gen4 and Gen5, will be shown in full automatic calibration, Rx/Tx PCIe device testing, link training verification and jitter tolerance validation. The stressed signal calibration will be performed on a Teledyne-LeCroy LabMaster oscilloscope with a single software tool controlling the test system.

Visitors will also see the ME7848A 200 series opto-electronic network analyser (ONA) which combines the VectorStar MS4640B series VNA with the MN4765B O/E detector calibration module and the MN4775A E/O converter to configure a full opto-electronic measurement system. The ONA system enables error-corrected transfer function, group delay and return loss measurements of E/O and O/E components and sub-systems.
Anritsu will be exhibiting at Stand 28, Hall 1 at ECOC 2019 (23-25 September), Dublin, Ireland.

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