Antennas are optimised for triple band coverage

Antennas from CellMax, a member of the Rosenberger group of companies, allow for more than 18dBi on the low band and up to 21.6dBi on the mid-band to increase coverage areas. The 12- and eight-port antennas, the 1207xx and 1209xx, are initially released for the 698 to 2690MHz band, with models supporting L-band and 600MHz to be released later, said the company.

The higher antenna gain increases the coverage area and means fewer sites need to be deployed, resulting in capital and operating cost savings for operators, added CellMax.

The increased mid/high-band coverage allows for a higher level of aggregation between the available frequency bands, allowing the subscribers to use more bandwidth and benefit from higher throughput levels.

Using an energy efficient antenna an operator can maintain coverage even if output power is decreased on site. This is a practical benefit to operators which can lose millions of kWh as heat in traditional base station antennas. 

In addition to increased subscriber satisfaction and enhanced throughput during busy hours, the new features enabled by the triple band radio can reduce transmitted power during off busy hours, saving energy costs while maintaining customer service and access.

The improved traffic distribution between low band and mid band allows for more connections, fewer dropped calls and higher throughput on the low band while increasing coverage, indoor penetration and data throughput on the high band. 

By improving coverage, frequency utilisation and data throughput, the antennas improve and maximize existing assets, said CellMax. The platform supports 4X4 MIMO for both mid band and low band.

CellMax Technologies, founded in 2001, is a privately owned company that develops and markets high efficiency base station antennas for mobile networks. CellMax’s headquarters and research facility is located in Stockholm Kista in Sweden. The company is member of the Rosenberger group. 

Rosenberger manufactures impedance-controlled and optical interconnect solutions in high frequency, high voltage and fibre optic technology. 

The company’s product range covers RF coaxial connectors, components and accessories, RF measurement products as well as cable assemblies for mobile communication networks, data centres, industrial test and measurement, automotive electronics as well as for high voltage contact systems, medical and industrial electronics and aerospace engineering.

Rosenberger’s custom machining division manufactures customer-specific precision parts from all machinable materials for various industries such as the automotive and commercial vehicle industry, ship building or classic mechanical and plant engineering.

Worldwide, the Rosenberger Group operates manufacturing and assembly locations as well as sales offices in Europe, Asia and North and South America.

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