AOS offers 600V MOSFET in space saving TOLL package

The fast switching 600V αMOS5 super junction MOSFET from Alpha and Omega Semiconductor (AOD) is supplied in a TO-leadless (TOLL) package.

It is optimised for high-density, high power server power supplies, PV inverters, quick charge, adapter, PC power, industrial power, telecomms and hyperscale data centre applications. The aMOS5 TOLL’s footprint is only 115mm², which is 23 per cent smaller than that of D2PAK, claims AOS. The thickness of the package is 2.3mm, which is almost 50 per cent less than the height of a D2PAK device. The reduced package inductance and parasitics of the TOLL package enable power designs to reach the next level of switching efficiency and EMI performance, claims AOS.

The first Fast Switching aMOS5 TOLL product available is the AOTL125A60, a 600V device of 125mOhm. Later aMOS5 TOLL products will provide a much wider range of Rds(on) and cover applications from 200W to 3kW.

Furthermore, aMOS5 TOLL provides a current capability of up to 100A in a 125mOhm device, to support demanding server PFC and PV inverter applications, which require both high current rating and small form factor, advises AOS. The automated optical inspection (AOI) capability and enhanced solder contact area of the αMOS5 TOLL package are also claimed to improve the system and board-level reliability of power supplies that need to serve long life cycles.

Additionally, the aMOS5 high voltage TOLL package features Kelvin source connection, which significantly improves switching performance by reducing switch-on loss through separate power and drive sources, AOS explains.

 The fast switching 600V TOLL family is an important milestone, AOS believes, allowing the company to support broader and higher power applications, and extending the portfolio to low profile server power and compact PV inverter systems,

The aMOS5 600V TOLL MOSFET is intended as a replacement for D2PAK and TO-220(F) packages. Design space is significantly reduced with the elimination of paralleling devices and the 30 per cent reduction in RDS(on) areas compared with previous devices, contributes to the reduced height of the package.

“Customers also benefit from aMOS5 600V TOLL’s automated SMD assembly and high system reliability,” said Richard Zang, director of the high voltage MOSFET product line at AOS. “Our high voltage TOLL will make it possible for SMPS [switch mode power supply] designers to achieve excellent power density with a compact, robust and reliable package that is easy to use,” he added.

The AOTL125A60 (600V 125mOhm TOLL) is immediately available for production quantities.

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