Automotive-qualified DC/DC converters reduce component count and space

Step-down DC/DC converters from Torex Semiconductor are suitable for automotive use. The XDL601/XDL602 series are AEC-Q100 Grade 2 compliant.

The HiSAT-COT control and 1.5A coil-integrated step-down micro DC/DC converters are compact with integrated coils and control ICs. Simply adding two ceramic capacitors to the external components can create a power supply circuit with a maximum of 1.5A, says the company. It also reduces in a 50 per cent or greater reduction in space compared to structures using standalone DC/DC converters, claims Torex. As the coil is built-in, board layouts can be simplified to minimise malfunctions, noise, and other problems arising from component placement or wire routing.

The input voltage ranges from 2.5 to 5.5V and the output voltage is from 0.8 to 3.6V (standard voltage settings exist). Switching frequency is 3.0MHz.

The circuit system uses synchronous rectification while the HiSAT-COT control has transient response characteristics and allows either PWM control or PWM/PFM automatic switching control to be selected, depending on the application. PWM control suppresses output ripple voltage while PWM/PFM automatic switching control achieves high efficiency over all load ranges from light to heavy loading, explains Torex.

The XDL601/XDL602 series operate over a temperature range of -40 to +105 degree C.

The converters are packaged in a compact DFN3625-11A, measuring 3.6 x 2.5 x 1.6mm, which uses a wettable flank structure.

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