Biosensor module integrates PPG and ECG for mobile use

To deliver both photoplethysmogram (PPG) and electrocardiogram (ECG) measurements for health monitoring from a mobile, battery-powered device, Maxim Integrated Products has unveiled the MAX86150 at CES.

It is believed to be the first biosensor module to comprise internal LEDs, photodetectors and an ECG analogue front-end (AFE) to provide FDA-certifiable PPG and ECG performance in compact, power-saving designs.

Designed for mobile phones, laptops, tablets and smart speakers, it delivers synchronised PPG and ECG measurements without using two separate biosensors that together consume more board space and power than a mobile device can typically afford. As well as space, the design challenge has been to achieve high accuracy in the measurements, particularly in cases where sensor sensitivity might be impacted by low perfusion levels or dry skin.

The MAX86150 overcomes these challenges, sampling both PPG and ECG simultaneously to provide the highest sensitivity of pulse transit time. To reduce battery drain, the module can be shut down through software with near-zero standby current, allowing the power rails to remain powered at all times.

The MAX86150 is available in a 3.3 x 6.6 x 1.3mm, 22-pin optical module.

The module is accurate with common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), a measurement of noise rejection, of at 136dB, the module’s; the highest on the market, says Maxim. Its 100mA-capable, high-dynamic-range LED driver enables higher sensitivity on an array of skin types. In addition, a low-impedance contact for the ECG sensor enables more accurate measurements, even in cases of dry skin, says the company.

It minimises battery drain with low shutdown current of 0.7 microA typical and low power consumption extends battery life compared to competitive solutions.

The module’s dry electrode operation eliminates the need for gels, fluids and sticky or wet pads on other parts of the body to obtain accurate readings.

The MAX86150 is available now and the company also offers the MAX86150EVSYS# evaluation kit.

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