BLDC system basis MOSFET driver is ASIL-certified

To simplify motor systems designs and reduce the footprint by integrating power analogue systems requirements, the AMT49105 is an ISO-26262 compliant N-channel power MOSFET driver from Allegro Microsystems Europe.

The device’s robust output gate drive enables the device to be used in a wide range of applications, including power applications of 1kW and above. The AMT49105 provides the LIN transceiver, regulated microprocessor supply, phase monitors for sensorless BLDC control and other features that reduce overall power consumption required in today’s efficient vehicles.

The AMT49105 can be used for high-power inductive safety automotive and industrial applications, such as engine cooling fans, braking and multiple pump applications where supplies range from 5.5 to 50V. Advanced diagnostics monitor and indicate system faults, internal faults and power bridge faults for safe systems operation. The AMT49105 is designed to the ISO-26262 standard and is compliant

The Allegro AMT49105 is supplied in a small 48-lead QFN package with exposed thermal pad reducing the footprint by approximately 40 per cent compared to an equivalent QFP. This package is lead (Pb) free with 100 per cent matt-tin leadframe plating.