Bridgelux claims to match natural light with Vesta Thrive

The latest addition to Bridgelux’s Vesta tunable white chip on board arrays and modules, the Vesta Thrive is claimed to deliver the closest spectral match to natural light.

Human-centric lighting is driving demand for “natural” light sources. According to Bridgelux, Vesta Thrive enables the development of luminaires that not only deliver natural full spectrum lighting, but also allow opportunities to personalise lighting to individual preferences or task-oriented lighting needs.

Bridgelux has developed the Average Spectral Difference (ASD) metric to quantify the naturalness of light.  ASD averages the differences of the spectral peaks and valleys between a light source and a standardised natural light source of the same CCT.  With extremely high CRI and TM-30 metrics and extremely low ASD values, Vesta Thrive is the closest match to natural light available in the market, claims Bridgelux.

The chip on board (CoB) light emitting surface (LES) is 9.0mm and 13mm, delivering up to 2000 lumens.

Bridgelux has also introduced the V Series V8, V Series HD V4 and V6, and EB Series linear modules, which are sampling now.

Bridgelux develops and manufactures lighting technologies and products for its customers to provide high performance, human-centric influenced light for the commercial, industrial and outdoor markets.

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