Broadband conicals offer current rating up to 10A

From Gowanda Electronics comes the latest in broadband microwave RF conical inductors that provide DC current handling up to 10A, and low insertion loss.

There are four inductors in the new series – C305FL, C550FL, C750FL and C1000FL – developed to address the need for increasing performance from broadband conical components.

The inductors will be used in communication applications for bias T’s (filter signals, remove noise), broadband chip manufacturing, communication platforms, high frequency, microwave circuitry, RF test set-ups, test and measurement, test gear, test instrumentation and transmission amplifiers.

The performance ranges provided by this wirewound conical series include inductance from 0.30-microH to 22microH (TYP), Q from 30 to 66 (TYP), DCR ohm MAX from 0.02 to 0.265 and current rating mA DC from 1300 to 10500.

All four inductors have been outgassing tested per ASTM E595 and meet the TML requirement of 1.0 per cent max.

Operating temperature range is -55 to +125 degrees C. Standard terminations and gold terminations are RoHS compliant and Pb terminations are available via direct contact with the factory.

In line with Gowanda’s existing conicals, this new series’ robust construction helps provide predictable frequency response. The broadband response of the coil is attributed to its precision winding, wire selection and coil configuration.

The company also attributes the inductors’ robustness to helping to provide repeatable RF performance.

Information on pricing and delivery, and assistance with surface mount and application-specific are available from Gowanda.

Gowanda Electronics designs, manufactures and supplies precision electronic components for RF, microwave and power applications.

Components include standard off-the-shelf and custom-designed inductors, chokes, coils, conicals, toroids, transformers and magnetic devices in surface mount and through-hole configurations that are used in a variety of electronic applications.

The products are used in a range of industries including aviation and aerospace, data processing, defence, education, healthcare, process and assembly industries, security and telecommunications. 

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