Buck-boost converter improves portable device efficiency

With a low quiescent current (IQ) in its class of 6-microA and a high peak efficiency of 96 per cent, designers can now maximise a portable device’s battery life with the MAX77827 buck-boost converter from Maxim Integrated Products.

This 1.5A high-efficiency, compact converter allows 1.8V to 5.5V input and 2.3V to 5.3V output, while providing the system stability needed to minimise abrupt or unexpected shutdowns.

During mode transition when VOUT is set to 3.3V with a 15 microsecond rise/fall time, the ripple is less than 1 per cent of the output voltage, says the company. Fast load transient response provides stable system voltage from transient loads pulling down the system voltage. In extreme harsh conditions of going from 0A to 1A load in 15 microseconds, MAX77827 undershoot is controlled to six per cent of the output voltage where the undershoot of the competitive solution is 12 per cent with a longer recovery time.

The MAX77827 addresses the power requirements of low-power wide-area network (LPWAN) applications, asset tracking devices and a variety of Internet of Things applications.

This converter is a suitable solution to support applications with low power requirements because, regardless of the battery voltage variations, it can automatically transition between buck and boost modes to provide a consistent output power supply.

This converter supports space-constrained designs as its WLP measures 2.04mm x 1.64mm and it is less than 15mm² total solution size. It features a single external resistor to set the output voltage to provide additional savings to an external component and board space.

“High adoption of lithium ion batteries in smart consumer electronics is driving the increasing demand for this market, which is projected to reach $106,493 million by 2024,” said Rishab Sharma, analyst for P&S Intelligence. “Complementary technologies that help prolong battery life and stability can only contribute to their continued growth.”

“For any system design where battery life is critical, there is no better solution than the MAX77827,” said Eric Pittana, director for Mobile Power Solutions at Maxim Integrated. “With the lowest quiescent current and highest efficiency, designers can truly optimize their solutions and maximize their system performance. Specifically, for applications such as GPS asset tracking devices with single-use discharge, prolonging battery life is essential.”


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