Buck switching regulator provides up to five current outputs

The LTC3372 is an integrated power management device for systems that require multiple low voltage outputs generated from an input voltage up to 60V.

It features a 60V synchronous buck switching regulator controller and four configurable synchronous monolithic buck regulators, for up to five high efficiency, low quiescent, current outputs in a single IC. According to Analog Devices, the LTC3372 is suitable for automotive, industrial and medical applications.

The buck controller operates over a 4.5 to 60V input voltage range and drives an all n-channel MOSFET power stage. Its output can be programmed to either 3.3 or 5.0V and can generate an output current up to 20A. The controller output is typically used to feed the four monolithic buck regulators. Each monolithic buck channel can be programmed to regulate an output voltage as low as 0.8V with a configurable output current up to 4.0A. Eight 1.0A integrated power stages are programmed by the C1-C3 pins into one of eight configurations, from a quad 2.0A buck to a dual 4.0A buck. This allows only one inductor per channel, adds Analog Devices.

The LTC3372’s low IQ makes it suitable for battery-powered or automotive applications in which one or more power supply rails are always on. With just the high voltage controller enabled, the device draws 15 microA from a 12V input supply while regulating the output to 5.0V at no load. Each monolithic buck regulator adds just eight microA of additional IQ per channel enabled.

The LTC3372’s monolithic buck switching frequency can be programmed from one to 3MHz and can be synchronised to an external clock. The buck controller switches at 1/6 of this frequency. Other features include foldback current limiting, soft-start, short-circuit protection and output over-voltage protection.

The LTC3372 is available from stock in a thermally enhanced 48-pin 7.0 x 7.0mm QFN package. E and I grades are specified over an operating junction temperature range of -40 to +125 degreeC, and the H grade features operation from -40 to +150 degree C.


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