CAN FD can accelerate AI in 5G V2X and AIoT smart manufacturing applications

Capitalising on the growth in the V2X (vehicle to everything) market, Antzer Tech, a subsidiary of Innodisk, has introduced the CAN FD series featuring high speed transmission, large data capacity, and downward compatibility. It is suitable for customers worldwide in the fields of electric vehicle, self-driving cars, and unmanned systems using mass data.

CANbus has been indispensable for traditional telematics, explains Antzer. Not only does it simplify wiring, but it realises highly reliable communication without host computers. As more IoT and V2X applications emerge, however, data loading also increases which could result in latency. The GADN-FD7L0 and FARO-FD700 offer high speed performance, and CAN standard downward compatibility for a painless smart upgrade, said Antzer Tech.

The CAN FD solution by Antzer Tech addresses the limitation of data transmission speeds and increases the data payload capacity by eight times compared with the CANbus network. 

For example, in telematics systems, it collects multiple system data of power management, radar sensing, cameras and GPS non-stop. According to Antzer, the CAN FD can break through the limitations of CANbus and contribute to unmanned smart manufacturing and logistics systems, despite the complexity of data transmission in these sectors. 

In addition, the CAN FD features high fault tolerance and debugging capabilities to enhance data reliability.

For safety requirements, it complies with the industry-level wide-temperature standard and features GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) and UDR / ADR  (untethered dead reckoning / automotive dead reckoning) functions to offer accurate positioning in tunnels, mountains, and other environments with unstable signals. This capability helps to increase transportation safety and optimise management as for unmanned telematics systems, said Antzer.

Innodisk provides flash memory, DRAM modules, and embedded peripheral products for industrial and enterprise applications.

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