CATV amplifiers meet per-channel performance demands

As performance needs for each channel in the CATV head-end intensifies, Skyworks announces the development of infrastructure amplifiers that meet increasingly demanding linearity, bandwidth and power requirements.

The ACA1240 is a 1.2GHz variable gain CCAP/edge QAM driver amplifier specifically designed for head-end and remote PHY applications.

The ACA1240 is a GaAs-based amplifier that contains highly linear amplification and attenuation stages for use in CATV CCAP/EQAM/CMTS modulators and networks. A continuously adjustable linear attenuator is controlled by an external analogue voltage. This glitch-free attenuator provides a minimum of 20dB of continuously variable attenuation and is preceded by a high-linearity pre-amplifier and followed by a high-gain output driver. Both input and output are matched to 75 Ohm using balun transformers.

The ACA1240 operates from a single 12V supply and is offered in an 11 x 11mm surface-mount package.

Skyworks claims that the ACA1240 has industry-leading return loss over attenuation range minimising passband ripple, thus enabling optimal filter performance. In addition, this amplifier offers superior output power and gain performance, as well as what Skyworks claims is unparalleled linearity to meet critical downstream RF specifications (DRFI) at a higher power level.

The amplifier is part of Skyworks’ programme to facilitate the delivery of high speed data channels and content to subscribers around the world through advanced architectures that combine performance with reliability.

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