Circular multi-pole connectors are sealed to IP68

Circular multi-pole connectors from CamdenBoss offer IP68 waterproof sealing. The CamCirc range has multiple options encompassing various body sizes and styles as well as contact configurations from two to 19 poles. Applications include broadcasting, military, energy, marine, food processing, industrial, automotive and autosport, medical, oil and gas, rail, robotics and security.

The CamCirc connectors will not disconnect when the cable is put under stress or load. The connectors are also marked for ease of locating a connection.

The connectors are based on push-pull technology that creates a vacuum seal when mating halves are plugged together to ensure that cables cannot be disconnected even if the cable is pulled. Disconnection is only achieved by pulling back the outer sleeve of the connector. All the connectors are keyed so that only correctly matched halves can be mated.

The range comprises six types of receptacle sockets. There are four fixed (types B, E, L and M) and two cable mounting (types S and T) versions. These offer equivalents for Fischer connectors (types D, DBEU, DEE, DEU, K and KE respectively). Any plug will fit any socket style provided they are correct in size and number of poles. Cable mounting receptacle styles enable in-line connections to be made quickly and easily, claims CamdenBoss. Flat or protruding receptacle panel styles enable a choice of easier location in harsh or low light conditions or a more compact finish for tight spaces.

Four size options offer direct alternatives to Fischer 102, 103, 1031 and 104.

Cable mount plugs feature a cable clamp set to hold cables and wires in place when the pluggable half of the connection system is assembled and the contacts soldered. The clamp creates the seal on the plug side of the connection (if environmental version is used) and these are supplied in sizes to accommodate various cable diameters. Cable clamps, sold separately from receptacles and plugs, are available in three types – shielded, unshielded and environmental, the latter being required for IP68 rating.

Housing material throughout the range is chrome-plated brass to resist corrosion, with contacts of gold-plated brass to give reliable connection.

CamdenBoss’s CamCirc premium circular, multi-pole, push-pull, connectors are designed for use in all outdoor/harsh environments and offer industry recognised sizes and styles to provide an alternative to, and full compatibility with, Fischer products, says the company.

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