Compact AC/DC power supplies reduce test costs worldwide

Specialist distributor, Telonic Instruments, has introduced the Kikusui PCR-WE/WE2 AC/DC power supply range. The compact switching power supplies are designed to reduce power consumption and costs for testing in a wide range of markets, says Telonic.

The PCR-WE/WE2 multi-functional switching AC power supplies range from 1.0 to 36kVA AC/DC output with frequency conversion from 1Hz to 5kHz. The supplies can simulate power line abnormalities such as power outages, voltage dips and voltage peaks to test power source switches and electronic devices in a range of markets, such as electric vehicles (EVs), plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHVs), avionics, servers, power and EMC equipment.

The PWM inverter type AC power supplies in the series range from 1.0 to 36kVA AC/DC output. Models available from Telonic Instruments include single phase versions (the PCR10000WE and PCR20000WE) or models with switchable single phase / single phase three-wire / three phase output (PCR30000WE2, PCR60000WE2, PCR120000WE2, PCR180000WE2, PCR240000WE2, PCR30000WE2 and PCR36000WE2).

The PCR-WE/WE2 series supports mix-and-match parallel operation for large scale test systems up to 144kVA (6kVA models and above, with a maximum of four units).

These supplies are up to 60 per cent smaller than Kikusui’s earlier PWM models, to minimise the space required in a testing system. Efficiency has been increased by approximately seven per cent to realise an overall efficiency of 85 per cent. Power and energy density have been increased compared with the earlier PCR series. For example, the PCR60000WE2 (430 x 620 x 345mm or 16.9 x 24.4 x 13.5 inches) provides 6kVA in a 4U unit.

Despite the small form factor, the supplies have extremely low switching noise, with ripple noise as low as 0.25Vrms for the 1.0 to 6kVA models.

Output frequency is up to 5kHz. This frequency performance allows the sharp voltage fluctuations, required in airborne electronic equipment testing to be simulated for use in avionic and defence markets. In addition, the 6kVA / 6U form factor fits into an automated rack testing system without requiring space for an expensive, specialised power source installation, says Telonic.

The PCR-WE/WE2 series supplies have LAN, USB and RS232C interfaces, with a GPIB interface available as a factory option. The LAN connection is LXI-compliant, allowing the user to monitor and control the device from a computer, smartphone or tablet web browser. This feature is particularly useful when conducting AC tests in anechoic chambers or shielded rooms.

To save power, models rated 6 kVA and above have a sleep mode and a power saving mode.

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