Compact robots by Omron can be used for digital assembly

Able to be table- or wall-mounted, the i4L SCARA robot series by Omron is compact and scalable, says the company, with a low total cost of ownership.

The i4L delivers preventative maintenance and its compact design and small footprint makes it simple to install. It can be table- or wall-mounted, without the need for additional hardware or brackets. It is suitable for a variety of robot applications, including digital assembly.

Ethernet connectivity in the base, provides for simple integration and the i4L offers maximum uptime by means of interactive maintenance alarms and an RGB dome light, says Omron. A status light helps to diagnose problems faster and more efficiently at every stage of the product lifecycle. The robot is suitable for high speed, repeatable applications, and is available with reaches of 350, 450 and 550mm.

“The i4L SCARA safely automates material transport operations,” said Motohiro Yamanishi, senior general manager of the Robotics Business Development Project at Omron Industrial Automation. “This is an area rapidly being enhanced with industrial robots in industries worldwide as a method not just to meet labor shortage challenges but to manage the risks associated with the global spread of the Corona virus,” he continued.

According to Omron, the i4L offers high-end inertia and repeatability for a light duty SCARA robot and has a maximum payload capacity of 5kg.

Omron’s innovative-Automation concept brings innovation to manufacturing sites through three key innovations. The first is Integrated or control evolution. Omron will seek to advance automated control technology so that virtually any operator, even inexperienced operators, can effortlessly perform work that previously required the expert skills of experienced workers.

The second innovation is Intelligence, where Omron seeks to create constantly evolving equipment and production lines. By adopting a wide range of control devices and artificial intelligence (AI), machines can learn through experience and maintain themselves in optimal condition.

The third innovation is Interactive – the harmonisation between people and machines –  as they work together in the same workspace, machines will be able to assist human operators by recognising human thoughts and behaviour.

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