Compact shunt resistors suit automotive and industrial uses

Shunt resistors are used in the automotive and industrial sectors for measuring current in high power applications. Due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles and the need to provide greater safety and efficiency, the automotive sector is seeing a shift towards computerisation and electro-mechanical systems. This has led to an increasing number of small motors and ECUs being used in the vehicles, which in turn drives up the demand for compact shunt resistors that can support higher power. To cater to this demand, Rohm Semiconductor has expanded its PSR series with low Ohmic shunt resistors for automotive and industrial applications.

The PSR100 series, says Rohm, offers a “significantly more compact version” of its PSR series. The low Ohmic shunt resistors have a high-power capability and are suited to current measurement in automotive and industrial applications.

The PSR100 shunt resistors are based on a high-performance metal alloy as the resistive element. They feature temperature co-efficients (TCR) from ±50 to ±150ppm. Rohm’s precision welding technology enables the PSR100 resistors to deliver a high rated power of 3W coupled in a small form factor, measuring just 6.35 x 3.05mm. The PSR100’s resistance range covers 0.3 to 3.0-mOhm. The resistance tolerance is specified with F (± one per cent). The operating temperature range is -55 to +170 degree C.

The PSR100 series is particularly suitable for automotive and industrial applications, says Rohm, as well as for use in areas where performance in limited available space is required, such as on-board chargers, electronic compressors and EPS in motor vehicles, for example, in addition to uninterruptible power supplies and basestations.

Rohm Semiconductor develops and manufactures a large product range from the low power microcontroller, power management, standard ICs, SiC diodes, MOSFETs and modules, power transistors and diodes, LEDs to passives components such as resistors, tantalum capacitors and LED display units, thermal print heads in manufacturing plants located in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, China and Europe.

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