Conductive polymer hybrid capacitors have increased current ratings

Expanding its Conductive Polymer Hybrid Capacitors portfolio for the second time this year, Panasonic Industry Europe has added the ZS-Series. This expands the capacitance range and doubles ripple current capability, and is also rated at 4,000 hours endurance at 125 degree C.

The ZS-Series brings new case sizes, without changing the footprint keeping the diameter as 10mm. Initial products are hybrid capacitors that are 16mm in length.

Developed for the automotive sector, the ZS-Series covers 25 to 63V, with a capacitance range covering 560 microF, a low ESR of 11mOhm with ripple current of 4.0A rms. The last two characteristics are claimed to enhance filter and DC-link circuits in automotive control and powertrain applications. The ZS-Series of hybrid conductive polymer capacitors can be effective replacements for the difficult to source, and soon-to-be-phased out, larger multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCCs), as reliable alternatives for use in confined spaces or to replace tantalums in higher frequency circuits. All the ZS-Series products are RoHS- and REACH- compliant as well as AECQ-200-compliant for the automotive market.

Panasonic Industry Europe offers electronic components, devices and modules, encompassing electronic and electromechanical components as well as semiconductors and sensors up to thermal management and wireless solutions, and production equipment for manufacturing lines across a range of industries to customers in Europe. It is part of the

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