Coreless current sensor IC saves PCB space

A coreless current sensor IC will be shown by Allegro Microsystems (Hall 6-255) alongside what is claimed to be the industry’s quietest brushless DC (BLDC) motor controller.

The ACS37650 coreless current sensor IC saves space by eliminating the need for a concentrator core in high-current sensing applications. It also provides closed-loop sensing, with extremely low noise and high resolution, says Allegro.

Allegro is also introducing the AMT49406, the first member of the QuietMotion family. It is claimed to be the first available field-oriented control (FOC) BLDC electric motor controller that is customer code-free. It is in production now and will provide reliable, efficient and low audible noise performance while simplifying design, assures Allegro.

In addition to the coreless demonstration, Allegro will also be showcasing automotive-qualified 1MHz current sensor ICs. Providing faster and higher current sensing ranges in space-saving packages, Allegro’s 1MHz current sensor ICs are more reliable than transformers, says the company, and reduce bill of materials. The ICs improve both safety and system efficiency in automotive on-board chargers, industrial power supplies, and intelligent motion applications.

Allegro’s power monitoring ICs can achieve reinforced isolation with fewer components – providing an isolated solution without needing opto-coupler or dual output supplies. The power monitoring device will be in action on tablets connected to a household coffee maker, and as the coffee maker is used visitors will be able to observe the dynamic measurement of the power draw.

Allegro’s Vertical Hall technology for magnetic encoders enables dual-channel Hall latches that sense in two dimensions simultaneously. The result is fewer parts, less space, lower power, and unprecedented flexibility. The 2D sensors are insensitive to magnetic pole-pitch and air gap and do not rely on the precise location or spacing of sensors.

Allegro MicroSystems develops power and sensing technologies, from green energy to advanced mobility and motion control systems.

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