Cosel adds 80W DC/DC converter for industrial voltage ranges

Two versions of an 80W version for the STMG DC/DC converter range have been announced by Cosel. The STMGFS80 covers industrial voltages from 9.0 to 76V.

It uses Cosel’s MGFS80 DC/DC converter on a carrier board and has the same footprint as its predecessor, which delivers 30W. The STMGFS80 includes terminal blocks, output voltage potentiometer, input filter and extra capacitors. Like the other models in the series, it complies with UL62368-1 and C-UL EN62368-1 safety standards.

Battery powered industrial applications require very efficient power solutions, and system developers are seeking to reduce the number of references when selecting a power supply. They also want easily mountable power sources such as DC/DC converters.

The two models are the STMGFS8024 and the STMGFS8048. The STMGFS8024 operates from 9.0 to 36V DC, for 12 and 24V systems, and the STMGFS8048 works from 18 to 76V DC, covering industrial 24 and 48V systems. Four output voltages are available: 3.3V / 18A, 5.0V / 16A, 12V / 6.7A and 15V / 5.4A. Output volage can be adjusted by a potentiometer included on the motherboard.

All modules include an on / off remote control function via an interface connector. Negative logic is the standard method used to control on / off via the remote function, although positive logic RC can be provided on request.

The STMGFS80 has a typical efficiency of up to 92 per cent The 80W STGMFS80 and operates with a 4:1 wide input voltage range covering industrial 24V and 48V systems.

Optimised for convection cooling, the power supplies can be operated within an ambient temperature range of -20 to +70 degrees C.

The STMGFS80 series includes over-voltage and over-current protection. In the case of over-current exceeding 105 per cent rating, the module operates in hiccup mode and automatically recovers when the output current returns to normal.

For safety and galvanic isolation, the STMGFS80 series has 1,500V DC input and RC to output, 1,000V DC input and RC to FG and 1,000V DC output to FG.

STMGFS80 can be assembled directly to a customer’s equipment chassis by fixing the base plate using the two mounting holes. It can also be clipped to a DIN rail chassis. Additional options e.g., plastic cover or combined DIN and cover will be available early Q2-2022

Open frame type, the STMGFS80 series measures 52 x 29 x 117mm (2.05 x 1.14 x 4.61 inches) and weighs 170g max.

The STMGFS80 series has a five-year warranty and conforms to the European RoHS, REACH and Low Voltage Directives.

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