D/A converter voltage waveform output mezzanine board take on tech challenges

Mezzanine boards are the latest additions to the PCIe-based AcroPack Series from Acromag. The AP225 offers a 12-bit D/A converter and the AP235 features a 16-bit D/A converter voltage waveform output model. These mPCIe (Mini PCI Express) based boards provide output signals to drive up to 16 devices. Each output channel has its own 12- or 16-bit digital-to-analogue converter (DAC). Individual DACs are claimed to be faster, and they are said to eliminate glitches typically caused by the re-acquisition process of sample and holds found on multiplexed output boards.

A 64K sample memory is shared between the 16 channels for waveform storage on board. A down-facing plug-in 100 pin connector ensures a secure connection for the I/O without any cabling.

These modules plug into AcroPack PCIe, VPX, and XMC carriers in any combination for embedded applications running on Linux, Windows, or VxWorks operating systems.

For easy integration of the AcroPack modules with real-time software application programs, Acromag offers C libraries for Windows, Linux and VxWorks systems. The libraries provide generic routines (source code included) to handle reads, writes, interrupts, and other functions. Demonstration programs enable the developer to exercise the I/O modules before attaching the routines to the application program. This diagnostic tool can save hours of troubleshooting and debugging, according to Russell Nieves, vice-president of sales, Acromag.

“We are pleased to add the AP225 and AP235 modules to the product platform,” he said. “Continued expansion of offerings is critical to providing the capabilities our customers require to meet the latest technological challenges and we are committed to providing them with the best solutions possible.”

This COTS line of AcroPacks are SWaP-C optimised, ROHS compliant and suitable for scientific development labs, military and aerospace applications, the defence industry and automation applications.


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