Danisense develops current transducer for EV test benches  

Aimed at automotive (EV) test benches, battery testing and evaluation systems, the DN1000ID is the latest current sense transducer from Danisense. 

It has a large aperture of 41.2mm and enables power cables with large power connectors to be easily fitted to EV test benches.

The large aperture is an important advantage, explained Danisense because the power connectors fitted to the power cables can be bigger than the diameter of the cable, making it difficult to fit them in the aperture of the current transducer and resulting in extra work to resolve the issue. 

Loic Moreau, sales and marketing director at Danisense said that the DN1000ID offers “the best compromise between the 1000A nominal current and aperture size by keeping the best measuring performances in accuracy and phase shift”. 

In common with all Danisense products, the DN1000ID current transducer benefits from the high stability closed loop fluxgate technology. There is a linearity of one ppm, five ppm offset and the transducer is packaged in a compact aluminium housing. 

Target applications, in addition to EV test benches are power measurement and power analysis, MPS for particles accelerators, gradient amplifiers for MRI devices, precision drives and current calibration.

Danisense combines complex magnetic performance with advanced electronics. Founded in 2012 it is based in Denmark and Japan. The company’s founders and key employees possess specialised knowledge about high precision current transducers. As a result, Danisense creates products that enable its customers to quickly and easy measure AC and DC currents with accuracies down to one ppm. Its products have an extremely flat frequency response and DC stability.


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