Datapaq Furnace Tracking Systems are constructed for demanding heat levels

Thermal profiling in the Datapaq Furnace Tracker system features sealed quench thermal barriers for repeated use in hostile manufacturing environments.

Available from Fluke Process Instruments, it is supplied with the IP67-rated TP6 data logger, thermal barriers and intuitive software.

The Datapaq Furnace Tracker System is designed to be used repeatedly, in-process in the hostile manufacturing environments, for through-process temperature surveys. Each system can help users improve process performance, decrease downtime and reduce temperature uniformity survey (TUS) reporting times.

The first component of the system is the Datapaq TP6 data logger, which features a 316-grade, stainless steel case. It has an IP67 rating, making it water resistant. The datalogger is available with either 10 or 20 thermocouple inputs and can be specified for use with base or noble metal thermocouples.

The second component category is the latest thermal barrier models. These are used in high temperature heat treat processes and protect in vacuum and controlled atmosphere, slab reheat and solution aging applications. The patented quenchable thermal barriers eliminate the need for fibre blankets. Fluke Process Instruments also offers bespoke design services.

Fluke Process Instruments offers the Datapaq Insight software which transforms raw data into actionable analytics, clear user interface, context sensitive help screens and assistance options for infrequent users. Three software options are available with the Datapaq Insight for mobile available free of charge. This mobile application allows users to reset, download and analyse data on the factory floor and check thermocouple operation before a thermal profile run. The advanced TUS software also provides full temperature profiles and traceable reports for industry regulations like AMS2750 and CQi-9.

“Whether users are working with raw materials or finished products, measuring product and atmosphere temperatures throughout the furnace is critical in ensuring both product quality and process efficiency. Datapaq continues to provide real-time, repeatable temperature data that can help improve performance and system accuracy, decrease downtime and much more,” said “Rob Hornsblow, product manager at Fluke Process Instruments.

The Datapaq Furnace Tracker System – including the new TP6 Data Logger and thermal barrier models – is available now.

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